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Samaritan Homeless Clinic 25th Anniversary Event

Samaritan Homeless Clinic 25th Anniversary Event

On Thursday, June 15, we hosted a reception at the Samaritan Homeless Clinic to celebrate its 25th Anniversary of providing medical services and life skills classes to members of the Dayton area.

Attendees enjoyed a delicious dinner and heard about the impact the Samaritan Homeless Clinic has made in the past 25 years.

We are grateful to everyone who generously supports the Samaritan Homeless Clinic and to all those came to the event to celebrate.

The Clinic focuses both on the individual and on the community—and works to maintain strong relationships with other homeless service providers so patients don’t get lost in the system. Its goal is to improve the overall community while treating every patient who walks through the doors with dignity, respect, integrity, compassion and excellence.

The Clinic has served over 45,000 patients since it was founded in 1992 and continues to serve around 1,800 patients annually. We are so thankful for the staff and donors who have provided support over the past 25 years.

Afterward, guests had the chance to tour the facility and see how their gifts were benefiting homeless individuals and their families.