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Mothers Empowered

Mothers Empowered brings pregnant women together in supportive groups at a critical time in their lives. The program is a partnership of Good Samaritan Foundation and Lifestages Centers for Women.

The goals of the program are to:
1. Reduce premature births, low birth weight, and infant mortalities
2. Build parenting skills and social support networks for mothers in our community

Mothers who enroll in Mothers Empowered are assigned small groups determined by their due-date. Each group meets monthly prior to and following the birth of their babies. Participants see a midwife, a nutritionist, and a social worker at each session. The women learn about how to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery and how to raise healthy and happy children.

Participants see a midwife, a nutritionist, and a social worker at each session.

Additional support is provided to moms, such as matching each new mother with the community resources she may need throughout her pregnancy and after. Continuing to meet on a regular basis after the births of the babies gives the young women more time to develop friendships, feel connected to their community, and know they have a support system surrounding them.

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Young Mothers and Babies cared for annually

Meet Crystal

Crystal was even more alone than many pregnant teens when she learned about the Mothers Empowered program. She had never had many friends. Now she was going to have a baby! Would she be able to take care of it properly? Who would she turn to if she got scared or confused?

Soon, Crystal was in a group of five other young women whose babies were due about the same time as hers. Crystal looked forward to the monthly meetings and she loved learning about her baby.

She was relieved to see that the other girls in her group has just as many questions as she did. Over time, this little group became a family. As each baby was born, the group would come together to help the new mom.

Crystal realized her new friendships would outlast her pregnancy. The other girls and Crystal had formed strong bonds and would support each other whatever happened.

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